SUPERLUM Tunable Swept laser and Optical Booster (OEM version)
for Bio-Medical OCT, Bio-Chemical Spectroscopy, Fiber-Optic Sensing and other applications.


Superlum’s newest Tunable Swept Laser is an OEM version of the BS-840-1 benchtop. It features Low DC Power Consumption and comes in a small package with an output power of 3 mW.  The Power Booster is a standalone unit that can be connected to the OEM laser to increase its output power to 20 mW.

The unique design of the external cavity of the laser has no moving parts, utilizes AOTF with high diffraction efficiency and narrow filtering (FWHM < 0.25nm) and allows long coherence length. Thermal stabilization of the AOTF ensures high stability of the laser wavelength over time and temperature.

The wavelength can be tuned between 805nm and 875nm, with sweep speeds at any value between 1 nm/s and 10,000nm/s. The width of the laser line does not exceed 0.05nm throughout the full tuning range. The new design ensures smooth, linear wavelength tuning at variable sweep rates, excellent sweep-to-sweep reproducibility of the output wavelength and the ability to sweep across the tuning range in either direction.

USB connection allows monitoring and controlling of the tuning parameters via PC using the Superlum companion software provided with the laser. You can use your own software by utilising the Superlum communication protocol. The OEM Tunable Swept laser also has a TTL remote port for synchronization needs.

The Superlum OEM Tunable Swept laser can operate in 3 modes:

  • Single-wavelength continuous operation within the full tuning range
  • Continuous wavelength sweeping at variable sweep speeds in the range of 1 – 10,000 nm/s
  • External triggering of the sweep operation
  • To prolong the lifetime of the laser, output emission is disabled during each pause between sweeps. In the free-running mode, the pause duration can be altered in the range of ~200 µs – 167 s.
  • In the single-wavelength mode of operation, applying external TTL pulses to the TTL remote port allows pulse modulation with a minimum duration of 100 µs


Specifications in brief

Tunable Swept Laser Booster
Full Tuning range 805-875 nm
Minimum Tuning range 5 nm
Optical power 3 mW 20 mW
Linewidth (FWHM) 0.05 nm
Wavelength setting resolution 0.01 nm
Scan speed range 1-10,000 nm/sec
Dimensions (W x H x D) 110mm x 41mm x 190 mm 110mm x 31mm x 190 mm
Weight 1.5 Kg 1 kg
Operating temperature range +15 oC to +35 oC +15 oC to +35 oC
Operating voltage/current +12V DC / 1A +12V DC / 1A
Fiber type PANDA PM850
Optical output Compatible with FC/APC
PER 18 dB (min)
Power vs wavelength flatness < 1dB (min)
Signal-to-ASE excess 30 dB (min)
Communication USB interface/TTL


780nm version will be available soon.

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