New feature available with Superlum’s Broadband Light source -Variable Optical Attenuators VOA




Superlum’s Broadband Light sources (benchtop and OEM) are now available with a new feature – integrated Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA), which allows to gradually change output power without distortion of the optical spectrum.


Superlum’s Broadband Light sources combine ultra-broadband spectrum (up to 300 nm) with the highest power (up to 35 mW) ex-fiber, available on the market. The optimum combination is important for OCT imagine technique.
However, the higher the power the more expensive the light source is.

Do you need the highest power?
Trial and error is the only chance to get the answer to this question.

But thanks to Superlum’s new VOA option, now you can buy one Light Source with VOA and chose the optimum power at the development stage to minimize the costs at the stage of mass production.


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