Presenting Superlum’s Brand New OEM Swept Wavelength Tunable Laser Source


Superlum celebrates 10 years of Broadsweeper Swept Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Lasers with a new, compact version BS-840-1.



Substantial redesign of the laser resonator and control electronics have considerably minimized the device dimensions – only 110 × 190 × 41 mm. Therefore it is ideal for OEM applications and system integration. Superlum’s Compact Broadsweeper can tune the wavelength between 810 and 880 nm with a linear sweep at speed ranging from CW to 10000 nm/s. It produces 3 mW of the output power that can be increased to 20 mW by the external optical booster. FWHM linewidth of the laser is typically 0.05 nm. The other optical characteristics are similar to those of our standard bench-top version. There is an added USB interface for remote control versatility More information at:

Key applications:

  • Bio-medical OCT
  • Bio-chemical spectroscopy
  • Fiber-optic sensing
  • Interferometric applications